STEM Academy

About STEMCenterX

STEMCenterX ( is an online educational portal offering interactive high-quality courses to students based on state-of-the-art research work in educational technology and learning design. It is powered by the open-source platform OpenEdx which is created by founding partners Harvard and MIT and composed of dozens of leading global institutions, the xConsortium.


Unlike the traditional learning management systems, courses on STEMCenterX are delivered as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and thus it supports large-scale course participation in a more flexible way. Students are able to choose from a variety of highly interactive courses and take them at their own paces. With its open-source community consisting of educators, course instructors, and developers, a variety of learning tools are actively developed and shared to the core platform which could be used to support varied ways of pedagogical strategies and methodologies.

Open Access to Students

STEMCenterX delivers MOOC courses and is open to students all over the world. Students are free to register and choose to enroll courses they are interested to take.

Certificate offering

In STEMCenterX, there are two modes students can choose to take a course. One is self-paced and allows the student to audit a course in which students do not have to complete learning activities and assignments but just study the learning content. The other approach is that students take the course formally as they have to complete all relevant learning tasks and assignments. Sometimes they also need to pass exams. To acknowledge their achievements, students will be offered a course certificate after they have successfully completed all course requirements. See the sample certificate below.

Learning Analytics

In STEMCenterX, learning analytics is a critical component to explore in-depth how students learn through a variety of activities and user interactions. It is used to identify learning patterns over time and can also be used to examine learning at a holistic view and provide feedback to students and teachers to improve learning interactions and optimize future learning outcome.

The types of learner data captured in STEMCenterX include user actions, behaviors, and interactions and will be defined based on the structure of learning objectives, tasks, and activities designed in the System. Relevant student data will be tracked, mined, and computed by the logging tool. User data will be mapped and analyzed to infer interrelationships between user behaviors and learning. Reports about how a student has performed in taking a course and comparison to peers will be generated for to help students evaluate their own learning and thus learn to reflect on areas that can be improved.

Integrated with Live Virtual Classroom

To support a synchronous learning, a live virtual classroom tool is integrated with STEMCenterX. In this way, instructors can choose either to deliver a course using recorded videos or a live course through a synchronous virtual classroom embedded in the courses where only registered students can access.

Support Mobile Learning

Not only students are able to access courses in STEMCenterX from their PC, they are also able to access courses from their smart phones and tablets. Both STEMCenterX Apple iOS and Android apps can be downloaded free for use.

Integrated with 3D Virtual World

To promote group collaboration and learning activities for situated learning, STEMCenterX is integrated with Open Simulator, an open-source multi-platform, multi-user 3D virtual application. With the ability to create 3D objects and virtual settings in STEMCenterX, instructors are able to create different learning scenarios and study cases for students to work in projects collaboratively and engage in a more immersive learning environment.

Adaptation to Learning Styles and customized Learning Path

Although offering online courses for large-scale participation is promising in MOOC systems, the lack of addressing individual learning needs is fundamental. Keeping in mind not only on affordable aspects of courses, STEMCenterX also focuses on adaptable aspects with high-level interactions tailored to learners to meet their learning styles and other specific constraints. Individual student profiles will be built to keep track of various learning activities for each student and depict students’ learning styles and preferences, thus adapting instructions to students in their learning paths.