About us

JD Education Inc. is research-based elearning group providing a wide range of custom elearning services and solutions for universities, institutions and organizations. We strive to design highly interactive courses, develop state-of-the-art web-based and mobile applications, conduct learning analytics and provide educational cloud services.

Innovative EduTech Integration
We always strive for edtech innovations and make learning more engaging and meaningful for students.

Modern Pedagogical Strategies
We are proud of our work and play a role of helping students make a difference in their lives through research-based pedagogical strategies and learning design.

Learning Is Dynamic
We are open to new ideas and value that learning is dynamic and occurs through continuous interactions with real-world.

We provide custom elearning solution for you

We develop customized elearning solution to support your ongoing training needs and attract potential students.

Learning Management
We offer state-of-the-art learning portals to deliver courses and can easily scale up to support thousands of concurrent students online.

Web Application Development
We provide web-based elearning applications to prepare your school a strong team of working force and generate great business values.
Enhanced Learning Experience
We design interactive learning activities to engage students during learning based on effective pedagogical strategies and theories of learning science to enhance their overall online learning experience.

Mobile Learning
We develop mobile apps that are built on the core learning management system to support students' mobile learning.

Learning Analytics
We generate periodic progress reports to inform school administrators, teachers and parents how students learn on a regular basis and offer tailored pedagogical support for more effective learning outcomes.

Cloud Services
We develop cloud-enabled elearning applications to scale up your training capacity with the accurate assessment of cloud environment and platform.